Packo Pharmaceutical Pumps

The Packo process pumps of the PHP2 series are used in the most demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry but also in the semiconductor world.

These perfectly cleanable process pumps are the ideal reliable component for ultrapure water systems but also for your CIP process installations.

Typical applications include pumping of purified water, WFI, demineralised water, syrups, CIP, etc.

Packo PHP2 Pumps    Packo Specs

packo pharmaceuticalpacko pharmaceutical pumps







The pumps of the series PRP2 are perfectly cleanable EHEDG approved air handling pumps and are mainly used to pump a mixture of liquid and air.

They are therefore particularly suitable as a CIP return pump.

Packo PRP2 Pumps    Packo Specs

packo pharmaceutical pumpspacko pharmaceutical pumps