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Pump control panels, for Sump, Effluent and Sewage Residential, Constant Pressure Controls & Commercial Controls. SJE-Rhombus offers a variety of solutions for residential and commercial applications. Control panels provide pump control and alarm notification in one package. Constant Pressure Controls control three phase pumps and maintain constant pressure. Alarms provide audible and visual warning of a potentially threatening level condition. Pump switches provide automatic pump control. Control switches accurately monitor levels and activate control panels and alarms. SJE-Rhombus can also customize your pump control panels for any application

pump control panels

Pump Control Panels

OEM, Embedded and Custom Electronics

Smarter by design, built to last, SJE-Rhombus embedded controls are in use today in thousands of products around the world. Applications range from highly sophisticated scientific instruments to decision management networks for incredibly harsh environments.

At SJE-Rhombus, we build partnerships, not just parts. For over 35 yeas, we have been designing, testing and building custom electronic controls for a variety of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).  Our goal is to provide you with quality products, delivered on time, and at a reasonable price.  And our outstanding customer service has been the cornerstone of our success.

Our capabilities represent the most reliable integration of engineering and manufacturing in the industry. Utilizing the latest in electronic assembly techniques and equipment, including J-Standard certification, you can rely on SJE-Rhombus from design concept through the manufacturing process. Our controls are found in a wide variety of electronic monitoring and control applications. In most cases, the controls we produce are microprocessor based printed circuit board assemblies. Some are fully packaged sub-assemblies.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities with you. We can show you how a custom control can benefit your product through:

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Built in diagnostic capabilities
  • Differentiation from competitive products
pump control panels