Filter Products

Filtration products are available for all particulate removal and fluid treatment applications. Examples include potable water, high purity DI water loops, plating baths and general industrial applications. Custom configurations, packaging and labeling available upon request.

  • Micron ratings to 800
  • Bags, cartridges, rolled media, carbon and other filtration media
  • Complete assortment of materials
  • RO/UF membranes available
  • Replacement products for all manufacturers
  • Critical Filtration – Pleated Cartridges
    • Pleated cartridges are manufactured in micron ratings from .03 to 30 for all critical applications. Products are designed for high-purity electronics grade, USP 23 Class 6 Pharmaceutical grade and industrial process applications.
  • PTFE, PES, E-CTFE, polycarbonate, polypropylene, nylon and glass fiber
  • Validated to HIMA Standards, USP and E-grade
  • SOE, DOE, 222 o-ring and 226 o-ring sealing configurations
  • Autoclavable and steam sterilizable       

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