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5th Generation Hydrovar, easier than ever

Goulds Hydrovar Pump Controller is the intelligent pump controller that matches the performance to system demand. The Hydrovar is easily mounted directly on the motor of the pump and will fit on any standard TEFC NEMA motor. This makes the Hydrovar an excellent choice for retrofitting and upgrading of fixed speed systems. There’s no need for an external control panel when using Hydrovar.

Goulds Hydrovar Pump Controller
Goulds Hydrovar Pump Controller


Quickly install directly on any TEFC motor without running new power to a wall-mounted control system. The quick start up guide and intuitive menu system makes the Hydrovar easy to set up and operate. Advanced programming features can optimize the Hydrovar for almost any application.


A motor running at 80% of its maximum speed uses 48% less energy. With energy savings of up to 70% on partial loads alone, the typical investment payback period is less than two years depending on energy costs and pump operating times.


  • Multi-pump capability from 1 to 8 pumps
  • Constant pressure
  • Constant flow
  • Via 4-20mA or 0-10 V external signal


  • Embedded THDi filter to reduce harmonic interference
  • Stops the pump at zero flow
  • Integrated soft start/stop: no water hammer and lower starting current
  • Built-in protection

    • Over / under voltage
    • Overcurrent / output short protection
    • Low water level
    • Sensor failure
    • Motor over temperature
    • Inverter over temperature
    • Minimum threshold / conveyor limit


  • Power: from 2 HP to 30 HP

    • 1Ø Input 208/230 volt 2 – 5 HP (208-240V ± 10%)
    • 3Ø Input 208/230 volt 2 – 15 HP (208-240V ± 10%)
    • 3Ø Input 460 volt 2 – 30 HP (380-460V ± 10%)

  • Speed from 15-70 Hz
  • Power supply: single or three phase 50 or 60 Hz
  • Motor Requirements: 3 phase, TEFC, 208 – 230V or 460V, 0 – 60 HZ, Class F insulation, NEMA design A or B
  • Motor mount to fan cover of TEFC motor for a packaged unit with a small footprint
  • Maximum ambient temperature 104º F.
  • Indoor enclosure: NEMA 1. Avoid excessive dust, corrosives, salts and direct sunlight.
  • Communication: RS485 interface, BACnet, Modbus