Pentair Filter Housings for a Variety of Filtering applications

Pentair filter housings offer housing for specialty application like high temp filtering up to 165 degree F. ┬áIf you need an all natural filtering housing for your application or a simple bag filter housing we can help you select the correct housing. Pentair filter housings called their Slimline is great for those low flow filtering applications. For the larger flow filtering applications you could select one form the Big Blue series. Big Blue uses a 4.5″ cartridge to tackle those more demanding jobs. Whatever the filtering application Pentair will have the right housing for you.

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Pentair filter housings

Pentair All Natural Housings

pentair filter housings

Pentair High Temp Housings

Pentair filter housing

Pentair Bag Housings

Pentair Slim Line Flat Cap

Pentair Slim Line Flat Cap Housings







Pentair fliter housings

Pentair 3G Slim Line Housings

pentair filter housings

Pentair Slim Line Traditional Housings

pentair filter housing

Pentair E Series Stainless Bag Housing

pentair filter housings

Pentair ST Stainless Cartridge Housing







pentair filter housings

Pentair ST-BC Stainless Housings

Pentair 3G Standard Housings


Pentair STD Flat Cap Housings

pentair std trad

Pentair STD Traditional Flat Cap Housings







pentair valve in head

Pentair Valve in Head Housings

Pentai Big Blue HD

Pentair Big Blue HD Housing

pentair bb drain

Pentair Big Blue with Drain Housings

pentair bb clear

Pentair Big Blue Clear Housings







pentair hd white

Pentair Big White HD Housings


Pentair Big White with Bypass Housings







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