General High Pressure Pumps for Commercial & Industrial Use

General high pressure pumps

General Pump 2015 Catalog

General high pressure pumps are used in many applications, Carpet Cleaning, Car Wash, Mud Pumps & Industrial Uses.  These High Pressure Pumps have been industry tested for 36 years. General Pump is affiliated with with the largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps. You can rely on their wide range of products that fill many niches in the market.

Versatility – General Pump offers a variety of pumps, accessory & nozzle models with flows up to 236 GPM & pressures to 22, 000 PSI. General Pump has put millions of pumps into various applications over the last 34 years.

Economic Quality – Maintenance & repair of a GP high pressure pumps are simple and inexpensive. When you compare the life-cycle cost of GP to others in the market, you will find GP products are the choice of best value. Availability of replacement parts & kits is always a critcal issue when choosing a supplier. GP is a US based company with a large inventory of pumps, accessories & repair parts.

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