Grundfos CM5 Pumps Cast Iron, 304 Stainless, 316 Stainless

grundfos cm5 pumps

Grundfos CM5 pumps are designed to cover a wide variety of applications, ranging from small domestic installations to large industrial systems. Grundfos CM5 pumps are offered in Cast Iron, 304 stainless steel & 316 Stainless Steel. The pumps are suitable for a wide variety of pumping systems where the performance and material of the pump must meet specific demands.

Some of the most typical applications for Grundfos CM5 pumps:
• washing and cleaning
• water treatment
• temperature control
• pressure boosting

Grundfos CM5 pumps and motors are integrated in a compact and user-friendly design. The pump is fitted to a low-profile base plate, making it ideal for installation in systems where a compact pump is required.

The shaft seal for the CM and CME pumps is of the O-ring type, which makes it very flexible when different types of O-rings and seal-face materials are needed. The shaft seal has a fixed seal driver which ensures a reliable rotation of all parts – even under the most extreme operating conditions. Due to the special design of the shaft seal and the interfaces to the rest of the pump construction, the dry-running capabilities are improved significantly
compared to most other similar shaft seals and pump types.


Grundfos CM Brochure     Grundfos CM Data Book

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97568411 CM5-2 A-S-A-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568449 CM5-2 A-S-A-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568414 CM5-2 A-S-A-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568453 CM5-2 A-S-A-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568399 CM5-2 A-S-G-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568429 CM5-2 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568402 CM5-2 A-S-G-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568435 CM5-2 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568405 CM5-2 A-S-I-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568441 CM5-2 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568408 CM5-2 A-S-I-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568445 CM5-2 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568412 CM5-3 A-S-A-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568450 CM5-3 A-S-A-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568415 CM5-3 A-S-A-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568454 CM5-3 A-S-A-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568400 CM5-3 A-S-G-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
98692400 CM5-3 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568403 CM5-3 A-S-G-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
99155406 CM5-3 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568406 CM5-3 A-S-I-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
98907035 CM5-3 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568409 CM5-3 A-S-I-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
99155398 CM5-3 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568413 CM5-4 A-S-A-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568451 CM5-4 A-S-A-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568416 CM5-4 A-S-A-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568455 CM5-4 A-S-A-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568401 CM5-4 A-S-G-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568431 CM5-4 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568404 CM5-4 A-S-G-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568437 CM5-4 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568407 CM5-4 A-S-I-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568443 CM5-4 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568410 CM5-4 A-S-I-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568447 CM5-4 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98125893 CM5-5 A-S-A-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568452 CM5-5 A-S-A-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
98504388 CM5-5 A-S-A-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568456 CM5-5 A-S-A-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98125914 CM5-5 A-S-G-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568432 CM5-5 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
98504766 CM5-5 A-S-G-V-AQQV B-A-A-N
97568438 CM5-5 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98125911 CM5-5 A-S-I-E-AQQE B-A-A-N
97568444 CM5-5 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568448 CM5-5 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568433 CM5-6 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568439 CM5-6 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98113307 CM5-6 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
98125923 CM5-6 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
97568434 CM5-7 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
96806919 CM5-7 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98125917 CM5-7 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
98125924 CM5-7 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
96935650 CM5-8 A-S-G-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97568440 CM5-8 A-S-G-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
98125919 CM5-8 A-S-I-E-AQQE E-A-A-N
97950707 CM5-8 A-S-I-V-AQQV E-A-A-N
99329851 CME5-2 A-S-A-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329852 CME5-2 A-S-A-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
99329847 CME5-2 A-S-G-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329848 CME5-2 A-S-G-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
99329849 CME5-2 A-S-I-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329850 CME5-2 A-S-I-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
99329857 CME5-3 A-S-A-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329858 CME5-3 A-S-A-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
99329853 CME5-3 A-S-G-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329854 CME5-3 A-S-G-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
99329855 CME5-3 A-S-I-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
99329856 CME5-3 A-S-I-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
98126046 CME5-4 A-S-A-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329941 CME5-4 A-S-A-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
99329866 CME5-4 A-S-A-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
98126048 CME5-4 A-S-A-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329942 CME5-4 A-S-A-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
99329868 CME5-4 A-S-A-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
98126054 CME5-4 A-S-G-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329877 CME5-4 A-S-G-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
99329862 CME5-4 A-S-G-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
98126056 CME5-4 A-S-G-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329938 CME5-4 A-S-G-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
99329863 CME5-4 A-S-G-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
98126043 CME5-4 A-S-I-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329939 CME5-4 A-S-I-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
99329864 CME5-4 A-S-I-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
98126050 CME5-4 A-S-I-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329940 CME5-4 A-S-I-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
99329865 CME5-4 A-S-I-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
98126047 CME5-5 A-S-A-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329907 CME5-5 A-S-A-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126049 CME5-5 A-S-A-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329908 CME5-5 A-S-A-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
98126055 CME5-5 A-S-G-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329904 CME5-5 A-S-G-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126057 CME5-5 A-S-G-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329903 CME5-5 A-S-G-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
98126045 CME5-5 A-S-I-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329905 CME5-5 A-S-I-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126053 CME5-5 A-S-I-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329906 CME5-5 A-S-I-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
91150403 CME5-5 P-S-A-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
91150406 CME5-5 P-S-A-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
91150401 CME5-5 P-S-G-E-AQQE U-A-D-N
91150410 CME5-5 P-S-G-V-AQQV U-A-D-N
91150407 CME5-5 P-S-I-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
91150408 CME5-5 P-S-I-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
98375224 CME5-5PLUS 3×208-230 60HZ AQQE
98126458 CME5-6 A-S-G-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329899 CME5-6 A-S-G-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126460 CME5-6 A-S-G-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329900 CME5-6 A-S-G-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
98126447 CME5-6 A-S-I-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329933 CME5-6 A-S-I-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126449 CME5-6 A-S-I-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329935 CME5-6 A-S-I-V-AQQV T-A-D-N             
98126459 CME5-7 A-S-G-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329910 CME5-7 A-S-G-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126471 CME5-7 A-S-G-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329909 CME5-7 A-S-G-V-AQQV T-A-D-N
98126448 CME5-7 A-S-I-E-AQQE Q-A-D-N
99329936 CME5-7 A-S-I-E-AQQE T-A-D-N
98126450 CME5-7 A-S-I-V-AQQV Q-A-D-N
99329937 CME5-7 A-S-I-V-AQQV T-A-D-N             

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