grundfos dda pumps
Grundfos DDA Stepper

Grundfos DDA Pumps produce accurate dosing of chemicals because of the Stepper motor technology. The stepper motor in a simple explanation works like a syringe. The plunger is pulled smoothly back and fourth driven by the stepper motor. This is why the Grundfos DDA Pumps are highly accurate for drinking water and wastewater treatment to industrial processing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage industries, dosing exactly the right amount of chemicals is important in order to reach process targets, and in order to lower operation costs while ensuring process safety and reliability.

grundfos dda pumps
Grundfos DDA Pump

Grundfos DDA Stepper Motor

Intelligent dosing pumps with high technology drive and adjustment mechanisms represent the ideal solution for increasingly complex dosing. They make life easier for users by keeping processes running precisely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Grundfos DDA Digital Dosing™ solution

Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pump range, available since 2010, is recognized for its state of the art monitoring features that ensure dependable, safe, and economical dosing operations, and for its industry-leading accuracy.

The expanded range is now available in two size categories:

Grundfos DDA Pumps, SMART Digital S

  • Max flow 8 gph (30 l/h); max pressure 232 psi (16 bar), max turn down
    ratio 3000:1

Grundfos DDA Pumps, SMART Digital XL

  • Max flow 52.8 gph (200 l/h); max pressure 145 psi (10 bar), max turn down ratio 800:1

The SMART Digital S DDA, DDC, and DDE and the SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE are all based on tried and tested Digital Dosing™ technology from Grundfos. They offer powerful, variable-speed motors, a universal power supply, and a full-PTFE diaphragm that meets the most demanding requirements for chemical resistance and durability. The pumps open up a broad range of dosing applications.

DDA: high-end solution for complex and demanding applications

Grundfos DDA pumps are for complex and demanding applications where the focus is on maximum process reliability. It offers FlowControl, pressure monitoring, AutoFlowAdapt, and integrated flow measurement. The package for industrial applications is rounded off by additional operating modes such as a week dosing timer and auto-deaeration.

Features and benefits:

  • Simplicity: simple handling and perfect overview and control even from a distance

    • The pumps are extremely easy to use thanks to the click wheel. The DDA and DDC models offer straightforward, intuitive navigation via a graphic LC display in more than 28 languages, allowing the user to set the required flow directly on the display in gph, ml/h, or l/h.
    • The large display indicates pump status by changing the back light color. This allows for quick and easy control of pump status.

  • Modularity: flexible and suitable for any environment or situation

    • The high turn down ratio significantly reduces the number of different models required.
    • All models have a universal mounting plate for all widespread mounting methods. The pump can quickly and easily be removed from the mounting plate.
    • The control cube can be mounted facing left, right, or straight ahead. Maximum flexibility is further ensured by a wide range of adjustment options and supply voltages (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz), and a hydraulic connection kit.
    • Optional E-box and CIU boxes enable SMART Digital pumps to be integrated – and even retrofitted – in common standard fieldbus networks.

  • Flow intelligence: highest process reliability

    • The FlowControl system on the DDA prevents unwanted stoppages, even with variable process parameters such as fluctuations in system pressure.
    • The DDA provides an accurate diagnosis of the most common causes of faults that occur during dosing with diaphragm pumps. These faults are displayed in plain text in the alarm menu.
    • The AutoFlowAdapt feature ensures that the dosing process continues with the required flow, even when subject to external influences. When dosing degassing media, for example, motor control is automatically adjusted as soon as air bubbles are detected so that they can escape out of the dosing head. Fluctuating system backpressure no longer impacts the required flow, either – the stepper motor’s speed regulation mechanism automatically compensates for deviations.
    • The integrated flow measurement feature of the DDA makes costly additional measuring equipment unnecessary. The currently measured flow is shown directly on the display and can be integrated in the control system via the analog output or bus protocol if necessary.


  • CIP
  • pH regulation
  • Disinfection
  • Dosing of chemicals and biocides
  • Precipitation and flocculation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Filtration


  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place)
  • Swimming pool water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Irrigation
  • Textile industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Low pressure boiler feed water treatment
  • Ultrafiltration process and reverse osmosis