Grundfos Digital Dosing DID-CU382

Monitoring of typical water quality parameters as well as precise control of disinfectant addition or pH adjustment is essential for many water treatment processes. Bus interface as well as data logging functionalities and intuitive user interface are a must for M&C today.

The new Grundfos by s::can DID systems are the perfect combination of s::can’s state-of-the-art digital sensor technology and Grundfos’ experience in PID controlling of dosing and disinfection processes. DID systems are designed to match perfectly with Grundfos dosing pumps, gas dosing systems as well as systems for the generation and dosing of chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite.

Grundfos Digital Dosing DID-CU382

Characteristics and main features

DID systems are available as pre-assembled systems with bypass flow cell or as kits for applications with tank-immersed sensors. Variants with bypass flow cell are intended for monitoring and control of disinfectants, pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature. The water flow through the cell is kept at an appropriate level by a flow restrictor. Lack of water is detected by a flow switch and leads to an alarm. A shut-off ball valve and a sampling cock complete the hydraulic installation, which is compatible with Grundfos standard hoses. System configurations for tank immersion are available with up to 2 sensors for pH, ORP and conductivity, and always include temperature measurement. These variants allow measurement of water parameters directly in the tank or basin without the need for a bypass line and flow cell. The control unit can either be fixed directly at a wall or back plate, or mounted on a DIN rail in a cabinet. CU 382 control unit

  • Intuitive plain-text operation
  • Data logger functionality
  • Up to 3 controller outputs, freely assignable
  • Modbus included
  • Modbus sensor interface
  • Data interchange with USB stick
  • Wide-range power supply


  • Modbus interface to CU 382 control unit
  • Onboard storage of calibration data
  • Temperature compensation included for all sensors
  • Long service intervals
  • Pre-calibrated (pH, ORP, conductivity sensor)
  • 1-2 sensor variants per parameter for all applications and measuring ranges
  • Diaphragm-covered amperometric sensor principle for disinfectant sensors
  • Low pH dependency for free-chlorine sensors
  • Pre-assembled measuring system
  • Automatic setting of the water flow and detection of missing water flow in systems with flow cell
  • 7.5 m of cable included in systems for tank installation (extension cables are available in lengths up to 20 m)
  • Sensor holder included in systems for tank installation
  • Sensor guard included in systems for tank installation