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Grundfos Boiler Pumps for hot water, steam & thermal oil boilers

grundfos boiler pumps
Grundfos Hot Water Boiler Pumps

Grundfos boiler pumps and multistage pumps for hot water boilers are available for temperatures up to 140°C. All pumps can be supplied with motors with a wall-mounted or integrated frequency converter (up to 22 kW), ensuring that the pressure and temperature in the system are constant. If the boiler requires a shunt in order to avoid thermal stress, we offer highly reliable pump solutions that will hold the temperature in the boiler constant.

grundfos boiler pumps
Grundfos Steam Boiler Pumps

Grundfos boiler pumps supplies unique feeding pumps for steam boilers that offer unsurpassed efficiency in a variety of industrial processes. Each multistage pump is capable of feeding the boiler between 0.5 and 180 m3 water per hour, and the volume is easily increased by applying more pumps.

Designed to withstand the high pressure, the high media and ambient temperatures and the significant number of starts and stops encountered in boiler applications, the pumps have been optimized in every aspect – and are even capable of efficiently handling poor inlet conditions. The pumps can further be supplied with an air-cooled top that protects the shaft seal from any damage caused by high temperatures.

grundfos boiler pumps
Grundfos Thermal Oil Pumps

Thermal oil is a highly suitable – and safe – alternative to steam in many processes, particularly where the dangers of high pressure are to be avoided. The Grundfos range of feeding pumps for thermal oil applications handles temperatures up to 240°C.

grundfos ups pumps
Grundfos UPS Pumps

UPS pumps constitute a complete range of 3-speed circulator pumps, available both in 50 and 60 Hz.

The pumps can be used in both open and closed systems. UPS pumps are of the canned-rotor type, i.e. pump and motor form an integral unit without a shaft seal and with only two gaskets for sealing. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid.


UPS pumps are designed for circulation of liquids in heating and air-conditioning systems. Pumps with bronze or stainless steel housings are also suitable for use in hot-water service systems. Examples of typical applications are:

  • Zone pumps
  • Main pumps
  • One- and two-pipe heating systems
  • Boiler shunt pumps
  • Pumps for heating surfaces
  • Calorifiers
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Pumps for refrigeration units.
  • Two-pipe air-conditioning systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Solar heating systems
grundfos magna3 pumps
Grundfos Magna3 Pumps

The MAGNA3/UPE pumps make up a broad range of small, medium and large circulator pumps – all fitted with communication equipment and state-of-the-art motors. These high performance pumps are perfect for high performance building systems, and fit both heating and cooling applications.

MAGNA3 knows the perfect setting

With a MAGNA3, you can stop worrying about complicated pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it on the factory setting called AUTOADAPT. The MAGNA3 will now automatically analyse the heating system, find the optimum setting and then continuously adjust its operation to changes in demand. The result is optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption.


MAGNA3 pumps are extremely flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life and no maintenance requirements. They are fitted with IR communication and can offer external control and monitoring via expansion modules.


The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in the following systems:

  • Domestic hot-water systems
  • Air-conditioning and cooling systems
  • Heating systems

The pump range can also be used in the following systems:

  • Solar-heating systems
  • Ground source heat pump systems

Grundfos Booster Packages

grundfos booster packages
Grundfos Booster Package

Grundfos booster packages are made to very high standards. Thanks to the CU 352 controller, they handle even the most difficult pumping applications with ease and accuracy.

All components have been combined with focus on quality and efficiency. The Grundfos Hydro MPC integrated pumping systems are designed to last: sturdy, compact units with easy access to all service parts. Grundfos Hydro MPC pump systems can be used in a wide array of different applications including pressure boosting, municipal water transfer, industrial process, HVAC and many other variable flow requirement applications designed to meet specific customer demands for capacity and control.

The intelligent cascade control ensures that the optimum number of pumps required to meet the demand runs at any time. Together with CR pumps, this makes the Hydro MPC the most energy-efficient solution for pumping applications with changing flow demands.


  • Domestic Water Pressure Boosting
  • High rise buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, offices, schools, etc.
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
  • Municipal
  • HVAC

Features and Benefits

  • Service-friendly
  • Highly efficient
  • Reliable
  • Space-saving
  • Low-flow detection
  • Application-optimized software
  • BUS and Ethernet communication option
  • Large, clear display
  • Single source responsibility
  • Hygienic designed 316 SS manifolds
  • User friendly advanced control interface

Grundfos Water Treatment Pumps

grundfos water treatment
Grundfos Water Treatment

rundfos water treatment pumps offer a wide range of different water treatment applications in industry is as wide as its range of usage. This is reflected by the variety of water sources: surface water, groundwater, seawater, tap water or even wastewater – and normally, all of them have to be treated to fulfill the requirements by the respective industries. Whether you are looking to treat aggressive media like seawater or to produce ultrapure water (WFI), we will provide you with a highly reliable pump solution.

Grundfos water treatment pumps serve the following treatment steps:

  • Desalination
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Stabilisation/Chemical Dosing
  • Disinfection
  • Substance Removal
  • Intake & Distribution

All pumps in water treatment can be combined in an intelligent way, offering highly accurate dosing of additives prior to or during the treatment process and are state-of-the-art and highly energy-efficient.

What makes Grundfos pumps outstanding in water treatment processes is their ability to operate flawlessly, even when continuously exposed to aggressive media or demanding environments.

All pumps can be supplied with measurement and control systems that exactly measure and control key water chemistry and process engineering parameters.

Grundfos Machine Tool Pumps

grundfos machine tool pumps
Grundfos Machine Tool Pumps

The Grundfos range of high-efficiency pumps offers unsurpassed accuracy and stability in a variety of machine tool applications, including:

  • Spark erosion
  • Wire cutting
  • Sawing
  • Boring
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding

Depending on the specific application the pumps can be customised to perfectly match every requirement. Grundfos multistage pumps can be supplied in different lengths and with the exact pressure and flow required for different materials. Equally suitable for vertical and horizontal installation, the pumps even offer complete freedom in terms of design.

Furthermore, the pumps can be optionally supplied with integrated frequency converters or an advanced E-solution to increase system efficiency and optimise processes, including lowering the heat input into the cooling lubricant.

Specifically for grinding and boring processes, the impressive range of high-pressure Grundfos pumps includes models that efficiently handle up to 120 bar – which is required for, for example, deep hole boring. The entire pump range targeted at machine tool applications is available in stainless steel as well as in cast iron.

If customisation is required to meet specific needs, the pumps can be equipped with special seal solutions, with motors with integrated HAN10Es plug, with motors for 50/60Hz drive as well as with motors for every possible voltage requirement.

Challenge Solution
Deep blind boring processes require very high pressure. The Grundfos dedicated machine tool range includes pumps capable of handling up to 120 bar.
Efficient coolant requires the right pressure and flow at the right time. Highly reliable Grundfos pumps can be supplied with an integrated frequency converted MGE motor or a CUE system to optimise and control processes further.

All pumps for the machine tool industry are fitted with high-efficiency IE3 motors.

Grundfos Waste Water Pumps

grundfos waste water pumps
Grundfos Waste Water Pumps

Whether you are looking for efficient treatment of organic or chemical wastewater – or a mixture of both – you can rely on Grundfos to take a professional approach to your specific challenge. As a full-line supplier we are capable of providing you with high quality products for every step of the treatment processes, ensuring that your wastewater can be led safely into the environment or to the municipal sewage plant.

Our range of sewage pumps professionally handles all kinds of wastewater quality, including grit, grease and particles of any size. By adjusting motor size and impeller type, the solution can easily be customized to comply with your requirements. Just as all pumps can be equipped with a control and measurement system, which will reliably keep track of the quality of the water throughout the treatment process.