Grundfos Pump Skids pressure booster system is an innovative boosting solution for commercial building pressure boosting, HVAC and irrigation applications.

grundfos pump skids
Grundfos Pump Skids

For energy savings and comfort, the Hydro Multi-E system uses parallel mounted Grundfos CRE variable-speed pumps that have a reputation for providing the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. With a state-of-the-art integrated ECM MLE motor, the Grundfos pump skids Multi-E arrives ready to install.

Many pumps system applications have a variable flow rate requirement and spend the majority of operation time in a much lower part load condition compared to design condition. Grundfos pump skids systems offer increased hydraulic efficiency at part load.

The Grundfos ECM MLE motors exceed IE5 motor efficiency standards, set by the International Electrotechnical Commission, currently the highest efficiency level worldwide for electrical motors. NEMA premium efficient motors are equal to IE3 level, so these motors represent two levels above NEMA premium. The result of this increased efficiency is reduced energy consumption/operating costs by 7-9%, based on a typical domestic water load profile.


  • Commercial building pressure boosting
  • Apartment buildings
  • Irrigation


  • 2 and 3 pump systems with CRE3-CRE20 pumps
  • Performance range: max gpm 420, max pressure 232 psi
  • All motors capable of master motor control
  • Two sensors standard – 100% redundancy
  • Advanced control interface installed in one pump – System controller
  • Small footprint for space-saving complete solution
  • System NSF61/372 certified
  • UL listed package pumping system