SMART Digital Dosing Pumps from Grundfos make installation, priming and calibration easier than ever. They offer state-of-the-art drive technology, new dimensions of user comfort and intelligent flow control. These features ensure extremely reliable, cost-effective and high-precision processes at an optimum price-performance ratio

Designed to save costs and to protect the environment

  • Saving chemicals with high dosing accuracy and FlowControl
  • Saving energy with latest drive technology and improved electronics
  • Saving maintenance costs with the universal chemical resistance of the full-PTFE diaphragm  and Digital Dosing™
  • Saving natural resources with new composite materials and sustainable production processes

You save TIME

  • Easy commissioning and service due to the click-stop mounting plate
  • Self-explanatory user interface, comparable to a car-radio system
  • Plain text display for failure indication: no need for time-consuming fault analysis
  • Quick commissioning without reading the I/O
  • Easy process control thanks to the intelligent flow management functions

You save MONEY

  • No additional installation parts needed due to the click-stop mounting plate
  • High accuracy saves chemicals
  • The required target flow is always achieved due to the AutoFlowAdapt, FlowControl and flow measurement functions; additional monitoring and control devices are made redundant
  • Intelligent flow management prevents expensive process breakdowns
High End DDA Pump

For high-end applications

The high-end DDA pump model has been designed for complex and demanding applications.

Common Applications DDC Pump

Perfect solution for common applications

The DDC pump model is the optimum solution with easy-to-use interface and the click wheel make setup and operation of this pump as easy as the use of your car radio system.

Economic DDE Pump

Economic Digital Dosing

The DDE is the economic Digital Dosing solution for simpler applications.

Contact PFC Equipment for more information and to find out if the Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing Pump is a fit for your application.