Gusher Coolant Pumps Vertical & Horizontial

Gusher Coolant Pumps

Gusher Coolant Pumps


  • Pressures up to 400 PSI
  • Pressurized System
  • Some Models Offer Dual Discharges, One For Low Volume High Pressure, and Another For Low Pressure and High Volume.
  • Available in Vertical and Horizontal Configurations.
  • Up to 36″ of Immersion with Intermediate Bushing
  • Available Mounted in 10 through 200 Gallon Reservoir
  • Materials of Construction: Rugged Grade 30 Cast Iron or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Built-In Mounting Flange
  • Balanced Mechanical Seal (Silicon Carbide Standard Tungsten Available)
  • Above Mounting Flange Discharge
  • NPT and 1″ NPT Discharge (B.S.P.T. Available)
  • Custom Options Availablegusher coolant pumps


  • High Pressure Machine Tools