Hyda Cell D10 Machine Coolant Pumps

Another choice for a machine coolant pump is the Hydra Cell D10 with its pressure ranges from 50 psi to 1500 psi and max 8.8 gpm. hydra cell d10 machine coolant

Hydra Cell D10 Machine Coolant Pump

Hydra-Cell D10 Series seal-less pumps. Previously rated at 1000 psi (69 bar) maximum discharge pressure, the new Hydra-Cell D10 models with metallic pump heads can now operate at up to 1500 psi (103 bar) discharge pressure. Used for a wide range of processing applications and in manufacturing plants, Hydra-Cell D10 models have a flow capacity of 4.26 gpm (15.1 l/min) with a motor speed of 790 rpm when performing at the higher pressure rating.

The seal-less design of Hydra-Cell D10 pumps means that there are no mechanical seals, cups, or packing to leak, wear, or replace. Spring-loaded, horizontal disk check valves and the seal-less design enable model D10 pumps to handle viscous fluids and abrasive particulates up to 500 microns in size. The D10 also features Wanner Engineering’s patented Kel-Cell® technology so that in the event of a closed or clogged inlet condition, the D10 will run dry indefinitely without damage to the pump. The Hydra-Cell D10 is available in a wide choice of pump head, valve, diaphragm, and o-ring materials plus a variety of options and accessories (e.g. pressure regulating valves, motors, and controllers) to

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