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Iwaki America’s high purity pumps are designed and built to the highest quality standards in the industry. Iwaki pumps are used worldwide in the manufacturing of integrated circuits and related industries. Demanding purity, reliability and specialized designs, OEM customers have relied on Iwaki high purity pumps to give them years of trouble-free performance.

Iwaki CFD Chemical Replenishing Pump

The resolution of the CFD-1T-B has been greatly improved compared to our existing models. The minimum flow of 1mL/shot offers greater accuracy in chemical condensation control that is required in the wafer cleaning process. The CFD-1T-B always feeds the correct quantity of chemical without overshoot, eliminating excess liquid wastage. In addition, the anti-siphon mechanism prevents unintentional siphoning.

  • Capable of 1% repeatability leading to the efficient use of chemistry and fast replenishment without over-shooting the target.
  • PTFE and PFA wetted parts ensure process purity, as does an integral leak detection sensor.
  • Integration with existing process controllers is simple.
  • Design includes optical position sensor and integral leak sensor.
  • Suction and discharge ball check valves reduce the number of fittings associated with external valving and make installation easy.
Iwaki CFD

Iwaki FS Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Iwaki America’s FS series is a compact, all-temperature rated, low-cost, air-driven, bellows pump designed for the semiconductor industry, chemical delivery or recirculation. This pump handles high temperature nitride etch and piranha etch applications with ease. FS features intelligent drive technology and leak sensing, with a significant cost savings over previous models, and a 2-year warranty.

  • FS is rated for liquid temperatures ranging from 5° to 180°C with discharge pressures up to 73 psi, making it the perfect pump for wet process tools, cleaning and chemical feed applications.
  • Utilizing stroke rates up to 240 spm, FS is able to produce up to 50% higher flow rates in a significantly smaller space. FS has a contamination-free design; all liquid contact parts are made of PTFE/PFA.
  • The anti-torsion air chamber design eliminates the need for retorquing connecting rods.
  • The intelligent sensor drive system of Iwaki America’s FS design uses proximity switches and an external solenoid valve allowing the pump operation to be easily controlled and monitored.

Iwaki PDS Photoresist dispensing pump

Repeated precision: ±0.3% (F.S.)
Linearity: ±0.5% (F.S.)
Resolution: 0.01 ml or below

  • Superior resist handling – The use of high-torque, stepper motor technology results in a consistent controllable discharge volume. The discharge volume is not affected by changes in viscosity or by filter performance.
  • High Purity – The pump end utilizes a tubephragm design eliminating dead volume and low velocity areas where resist can stagnate. This prevents the collection of particles and allows the pumps to maintain the highest purity possible.
  • Flexibility in Applications – The discharge velocity as well as volume are easily adjusted to expand the capabilities to many resist-coating processes, including the application of small amounts of resist in a short period of time.
Iwaki semiconductor pumps

Iwaki FF/FF-H Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

  • Integral PFA tube connections mean there are no crevices or seams where particles can accumulate. A wide variety of fittings can be easily attached. Intelligent sensor technology is a standard FF series feature: pressure, stroke and speed are optimized, maintaining accurate chemical delivery and extending pump life. Leak detection ensures immediate response to hazards. Leak detection and drive sensing enhance the reliability and safety of these pneumatic pumps.
  • All liquid ends are constructed of fluoropolymers for purity and corrosion resistance. The PTFE bellows are rugged and proven to withstand long term continuous operation and high pressure resistance better than any other pump.
  • The liquid end parts are made entirely from fluororesin and free from contamination as they are designed so as to use neither rubber nor metal. As the bellows are completely welded with the body of the FF-H series, there is no leakage due to heat cycles.
  • The FF-10/20CT1 has a PVC housing coated with fluoroplastic, suitable for liquids up to 50°C; a fluoroplastic encapsulated housing allows the FF-10/20BT1 to pump fluids up to 100°C.
  • High purity and exceptional performance are central to the design mission of the FF-H pumps. The PTFE bellows, PFA valves, and tubing are welded, ensuring the greatest possible resistance to contamination.
iwaki high purity pumps

Iwaki FA Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Two models for circulating medium temperature liquid

  • They have excellent resistance to high pressure and a long life to withstand continuous long-time operation. When connected to a special controller, the discharge can be controlled and monitored easily.
  • The PTFE bellows are rugged and proven to withstand long term continuous operation and high pressure resistance better than any other pump.H-shaped thick bellows are used (Only FA-40VEW).
  • All liquid ends are constructed of fluoropolymers for purity and corrosion resistance.
  • There are two standardized models; the FA-2E, a lateral type for a low flow rate, and the FA-40VEW, a vertical type for a high flow rate. The FA-2E employs a spray system for single wafer processing while the FA-40VEW is suitable for cleaning 200/300 mm wafers.
  • The FA-40 pump is excellent for applications requiring high volume flow, such as large wafer processing, delivering up to 11.6 gpm (50 L/min). The FA-40 is constructed vertically to optimize precious cabinet space.Leak detection and drive sensing enhance the reliability and safety of these pneumatic pumps.
iwaki high purity pumps

Iwaki FLP-60W Low Pulsation Bellows Pump

  • Unique design lowers air consumption up to 30% as compared to standard designs.
  • Advanced sensing and sir displacement technology optimizes the pump’s bellows movement, creating very low pulsation.
  • The pump works without the need for a pulsation dampener, saving space and money.

Iwaki FW-H Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

  • Accurate, predictable flow rate is provided by “smart sensors” that control air via proximity sensors: no separate flow meter is necessary.
  • Innovative clamp design allows for field repair, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Temperature range of 10-180°C accommodates almost any application.Internal bellows design allows for higher pressure ratings by eliminating the failure points of traditional flat diaphragms and extending the pump’s service life.
  • Reliable leak detection feature provides for “lights out” operation without fear of contaminating wet bench chemistry.