Corcoran Pumps Problem Solvers

Corcoran Pumps has been offering problem solver solutions Since 1957, R.S. Corcoran Company has been manufacturing Corrosion-Resistant Centrifugal Pumps for the Chemical Processing Industry, the Pollution Control Industry and OEM Marine Markets.

We fabricate pumps from plate material in 316(L) Stainless Steel, Carpenter 
20 Cb-3 (Alloy 20) and Mo-4, Hastelloy B-2/B-3, C-22 and C-276, Duplex Stainless Steel, Monel, Nickel, Commercially Pure Titanium and other metals.

We offer a complete line of HORIZONTAL Pumps (close-coupled, ANSI B73.1 dimensional) single seal, double seal, cartridge seal, or packing – each with SELF-PRIMER and/or Vortex (Recessed) Impeller option. Also, a complete VERTICAL line, with submerged bearings or CANTILEVER shaft design. In addition, we manufacture a series of industrial design 316(L) Stainless Steel and exotic alloyed SUBMERSIBLE Sump Pumps available in 1/2 through 2 HP and heavy duty 316 stainless steel (EXPLOSION-PROOF motors) SUBMERSIBLE sump pumps from 1 to 150 HP.

Samples Of the Corcoran Problem Solvers

Close Coupled – Pump Liquids packaging manufacturer required 100 GPM @ 20 FT TH of NaOCl-based proprietary domestic bleaching corcoran pumpscleanser (Liquid Comet), Ambient temperature, 1.14SG.




Pedestal Pump – Provide commercial horizontal pedestal mounted pumps (8) for erosive/abrasive slurry/sludge transfer service. Water,corcoran pumps radioactive with Uranium and other constituents in suspension, up to 10% solids by weight, up to 1/4″ size with Brinell hardness of 370, 1.067 SG, ambient temperature. Duty: 65-70 GPM @ 686-791 feet total head at 51-59 Hertz operation with max impeller (14.50″ diameter)




Self-Priming – Major Oil Company required two self-priming pumps subject to their extremely strict QC & QA standards: Duty: 400 GPM @corcoran pumps 210 FT TH (including up to 20 FT lift) of waste water with dilute H 2SO 4, NaOH & MEK and NPSH-A of 15 FT.





Vertical Sump – Provide maintenance-free, completely drain-able, MST strike tank transfer pumps (3) for nuclear waste clean-up application. corcoran pumpsCaustic waste solution (salt slurry) with 0.07% by weight solids, 1.3 SG, 95° F, 10-14 pH, Radioactive ambient*. Duty: 120 GPM @63ft. Total Head






Small Submersibles – Fertilizer chemicals producer required a small submersible sump pump for 100 GPM at 20 Ft. TH, suitable for 0-corcoran pumps98% H 2SO 4and/or 50% NaOH







Vortex Pumps – Textile dyeing machinery manufacturer required recirculating hot water (with interrupted suction) at 205°F with lint and corcoran pumpsstring and low Static Head: 200-500 GPM @ 44-16 FT TH.




Nuclear Waste Heavy Duty Submersible – Provide submersible sump pumps for erosive/abrasive slurry/sludge transfer service. Water, radioactive with uranium and other maincorcoran pumps constituents in suspension, up to 7.7% solids by weight, up to 1/4″ size with Brinell hardness of 370, 1.064 SG, ambient temperature






In Line – Manufacturer of specialty chemicals mandated by EPA to install pumping system for containment of runoff, filter backwash exchangers andIn Line possible chemical spills: 200 GPM @ 46 FT TH, diluted quantities of HCl, NaOH and various solvents.








High inlet Pressure – Pump a proprietary water-like substance in a reverse osmosis system at 1000 PSI inlet pressurecorcoran pumps






Low Flow High Head – Maintenance at a food processing plant required a mixture of hot water and detergent at 12 GPM @ 70 PSI (162 FT TH).corcoran pumps





High Flow Low Head

  1. Apple Flume Systems required Velocity Pusher to Impart Velocity to the surface of the water in order to move apples. corcoran pumps
  2. Retrofit, and be exactly dimension-ally interchangeable at piping connections with Crane Deming Series 7171 Cast Iron Pumps. 
  3. Vibration-free operation at Zero head.
  4. Performance: 700-800 GPM at 0-2 FT TH with 3″ solids handling capabilities.
  5. Seal: Standard Crane Type 21V (XF10 10 1).
  6. Motor: 5 HP, 1750 RPM, 184 JM Frame, NOL.
  7. Impeller: 6-1/2″ diameter, 2 bladed.