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High-pressure multi-stage centrifugal pumps from GE are ruggedly built to meet your requirements for general water applications, high-temperature performance, chemical compatibility, or quiet operation. Because our pumps set industry standards for reliability and low overall lifecycle costs, you can let them work without having to worry. GE’s world-class pumps come with stainless steel shells on every pump and options for Noryl™ impellers or stainless steel impellers.

PFC Equipment offers a complete line of products and services for all fluid handling applications. We provide unmatched service and support in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and western Wisconsin. Our application experts will help you select the best pump, filter and control for your specifications. We also provide system design services for all markets and applications.

A Strong Brand Name – A Stronger Product

GE Water & Process Technologies began production of Tonkaflo pumps in 1977 when other mass production pump manufacturers were not developing the right high pressure pump for reverse osmosis and other water treatment applications. We asked, why settle for a pump that almost met our needs? So we decided to build our own. Today, wherever you find an application requiring consistent, non-pulsating centrifugal flow, you are sure to find the name Tonkaflo.

tonkaflo pumps

Why Buy Tonkaflo Pumps?

Dependability. Our customers purchase a multistage Tonkaflo pump because they don’t want to think about it after installation. The Tonkaflo’s reliable, no-fuss performance has satisfied thousands of customers for over 25 years.

tonkaflo pumps

Tonkaflo SS Pumps

Offering the broadest range and best value, the SS Series sets the standard for the RO industry, and serves as the standard for all Tonkaflo pumps.

Tonkaflo AS Pumps

The AS Series offers a full range of models for applications that require rugged metal construction, higher temperatures, or chemical compatibility. AS stands for All Stainless Steel construction.

tonkaflo pumps