Prosser Portable Submersible Pumps

Prosser portable submersible pumps are designed for the removal of unwanted water. The slim design allows the pump to fit where other pumps can’t, including dewatering wells. Prosser Standard Line dewatering pumps offer high head or high volume performance and are available in over 100 outstanding models.

Prosser Specs

Materials of construction and performance highlights:prosser portable submersible pumps

Models:70, 71, 125, 126,SED, Standard Line, 9-Series,7-Series
Flows To:: 1,400 g.p.m.
Heads To: 240 feet
Discharge: 2 – 6 inches
HP: .75 – 50
Voltage: 120 – 600

Key product characteristics and benefits:

Slim-line design allows Prosser pumps to fit where other pumps can’t.
Light weight for easy portability.
Require no priming, suction hose or foot valve. Just submerge and they are ready to go.
Operate in any position.
Able to run dry for a reasonable period of time without damage.
Inline design ensures cool-running motor.
Inline suction and discharge allow pumps to operate doubling head at a given flow, which provides versatility in jobs site variations.

Customize this product with the following features and materials:

Watertight Control Enclosures
Liquid Level Controls
Series Adapter Kits

Best solution for the following operations:

Municipal and Government
Drainage Water Transfer
Water Treatment
Landfill Pollution Control