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Sanitary pumps & filtration are used to transport, filter and meter solutions, slurries, Pharmaceuticals and colloids of food and agricultural materials in operations such as food processing that require cleanliness. We offer equipment with important specifications such as 3A, FDA, CIP & Autoclave for filters.


FDA compliant materials and easy to clean for sanitary or food applications.
Designed for sanitary applications in chemical, industrial, water treatment, pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries, the sanitary line of pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors feature specialized stainless steel bodies and tri-clamp fittings.  Pulsation dampeners can remove up to 99% of pulsation and vibration, enhancing all-around performance and reliability of fluid flow and protect the system from costly maintenance and repair. Reduce pulsation, improve laminar flow, mitigate water hammer, shaking pipes, splashing, enhance pump performance and flow meter measurement by using one of these units. FDA compliant materials available, including polished and bead blasted 316L stainless steel surfaces. Tri-clamp inlets, optional T-handles, and autoclave safe wetted components provide for easy cleaning.

blacoh dampeners


  • Maximum Pressure: 1,000 psi (68.9 bar)
  • Capacity: 4 cu in – 5 gallon (.066 – 19 L)
  • Body Materials: 30 RA Polished 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bead Blasted 316L Stainless Steel
  • Temperature: -20°F to +350°F (-29 °C to +177°C)
  • Inlet Port: Tri-Clamp Sanitary Fitting
  • Air Control Options: Automatic, Adjustable, Chargeable
  • Bladder Options: Food-Grade Buna, Food-Grade Silicone, Food-Grade EPDM, PTFE


  • Inks, Dyes & Coloring
  • Beverage
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Breweries
  • Batch Pumping
  • Filling Lines
  • Cosmetics
  • Soap/Detergent
  • Flavoring

GDVS Sterile Air Filter Housings

GDVS series sterile air filter housing is a single cartridge housing which can accommodate SSD-Steam/Sterile series filter cartridge. It is equipped with sanitary TC connections and is made of Ra 32 electropolished surface 316L stainless steel. GDVS series sterile air filter housing is in-line high efficiency filters used to remove contaminate particles from steam systems in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage industries. GDVS is designed to ensuring high flow rates at low differential pressures. The tri-clamp / hex-bolt closure design provides absolute sealing and easy installation.

316L Stainless Steel Material.
Maximum temperature 232℃ (450°F).
Only for xGDVS-304/316L-xxxx-HB-xFA.
316 L

Maximum Operating Pressure 16bar (232 psi).
Only for xGDVS-304/316L-xxxx-CB-xTC.
Materials of Construction
Head : 316L stainless steel
Shell : 316L stainless steel
Gasket : Silicone ( EPDM, Viton are available upon request)

GDVS series are designed for elements with UF push-in end

GDVR series steam filter housing

A single cartridge housing which can accommodate SSD-Steam/Sterile series filter cartridge. It is equipped with various connections depending on size and has an electro-polished or bead-blast surface finish. GDVR series steam filter housing is in-line high efficiency filters used to remove contaminate particles from steam systems. GDVR is designed to ensuring high flow rates at low differential pressures. The union / hex-bolt
closure design provides absolute sealing and easy installation.

GDVR Series
Steam Filter
304, 316L Stainless Steel Material.
Maximum temperature 232℃ (450°F).
Only for xGDVR-304/316L-xxxx-HB-xFA.
316 L

Maximum Operating Pressure 16bar (232 psi).
Except for xGDVR-304/316L-xxxx-HB-xFA and xGDVR-304/316L-3050-UN-xXX.
Materials of Construction
Head: 304 or 316L stainless steel
Shell : 304 or 316L stainless steel
Gasket: EPDM ( Viton, Silicone are available upon request)

steam filter housing

Pure Poly All Natural Housing

Single filter housing is made of pure virgin polypropylene which has wide chemical compatibility  to meet various application requirements. Especially the FDA listed material is suitable for food and beverage contact. The length is offered in standard 10″ and 20″ for single open end 222 o-ring flat closed end filter cartridge, without any internal part requirements in this housing. Include with housing are the mounting bracket & removal wrench.

filtrafine housing

Pure Poly All Natural Housing

Sanitary Magnetic Drive Pumps

The newly developed Series MKP-Bio offers you an excellent solution for aseptic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food industry and other sanitary processes. The pump has been developed and designed according to the EHEDG recommendations and takes in to account VDMA 24432 and EN 12462 standards.


  • Different suction – and discharge – connections available (clamp, TI-Line, flange and butt-weld)
  • Special O-ring material available on request (FKM, EPDM, Silicone).
  • Special frame mounting
  • Double shroud system
  • Temperature protection sensor PT-100 (recommended) to protect against dry running
  • Jacketed casing
  • Diamond coated internal bearing
  • Internal bearing in tungsten carbide

Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps

Centrifugal pump is ideal for use in small and medium size process applications in the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other sanitary process industries.

Drum FDA Sanitary Pumps

Engineered for dosing applications from drums, Tote® tanks and kettles. Simply dial in your desired volume or weight and the Ultra Mass BCS will deliver a preset dose of product – virtually hands-free. The system’s components are 3A Certified, ensuring the highest quality product suitable for the food processing, pharmaceutical, dairy and biotech industries.

sanitary pumps

AOD High Purity & FDA Pumps

AOD pumps are specifically designed for transferring ultra high-purity solvents and other non-corrosive liquids compatible with 316 Stainless Steel. Pumps include 20Ra Electro Polished 316 Stainless Steel wetted components, PTFE elastomers and FNPT liquid ports

FDA compliant pumps are specifically designed for Food, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic industries where 3A or USDA standards are not required.

sanitary pumps & filtration

AODD 3A Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary Pumps are the ideal solution for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.
Our sanitary AODD pumps feature highly polished SS316 components (32 Ra), a swivel mounting stand and an energy-efficient, oil-free air valve system.
​Available with exclusive FUZED PTFE or highly efficient Santoprene diaphragms.
The unique design enables operators to sanitize CIP or COP.

Hygienic Lobe Pumps

Hygienic version Lobe Pump recommended for use in the most demanding sanitary applications, where ease of cleaning, a pump configured for automatic drainage and advanced mechanical closures deliver levels of safety that are capable of meeting the exacting certification standards of EHEDG.

By their construction characteristics they can work with liquids of any viscosity simpre guaranteeing the best performance and the best adaptability to the pumping, having the most globally standardized sanitary connections.

sanitary pumps & filtration

Progressive Cavity Sanitary Pumps

A large focus is centered around the ability to stay in compliance with regulations and provide a cost effective solution for their pumping needs. Food and beverage applications require pumps that meet 3-A Sanitary Standards in the United States and comply with EHEDG, BISSC, and FDA Regulations.

Sanitary Pumps & Filtration

PES MEMBRANE Polyethersulfone Absolute Rated Membrane Filter Cartridges

  • Constructed of FDA listed materials and meets USP Class VI Biological Test for plastics
  • Suitable for steam or autoclave sterilization and hot water or chemical sanitization
  • High surface area for maximum throughput and long service life
  • 100% flushed and integrity tested to ensure rated pore size
  • Manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean room for high purity
  • Absolute retention from 0.1 to 1.2 microns
  • Asymmetric, hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane filter
  • Specifically designed for reduction of bacteria and spoilage organisms in beverage applications.
Sanitary Pumps & Filtration

Stainless Filter Cartridges

Cartridges are made of sintered stainless steel fiber pleated or sintered fiber mesh filter media. Filters are available in 304ss or 316ss which are cleanable in a variety of applications. Pleated filters has high surface filtration area that can handle higher flow rates for additional on-stream life.

stainless filters


For demanding applications that require filter housings with high purity or sanitary construction, reliability and durability,  filter housings offer the perfect choice for critical process streams. The Sanitary Filter Housings feature high polish RA finishes and removable tube sheets for ease of cleaning and sanitation. All High Purity filter housings provide a cost-effective alternative for high-end industrial applications requiring housings with electro-polished finish, double o-ring cartridge connectors and other quality features.

Sanitary Pumps & Filtration