Verder Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Verder Peristaltic hose pumps are very versatile. However generally they are for heavy-duty applications. Such as abrasive slurry, high solid content or high suction lift requirements found in industrial, sewage and mining applications. Our VF range features the world’s largest ID hose pump for the most demanding applications.



The Verderflex ROLLIT is a new series of peristaltic hose pumps, completing the Verderflex range of hose pumps. Verderflex ROLLITverder peristaltic hose pumps pumps are lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps that are easy to maintain and available in a standard (single) and twinhead version. The Verderflex ROLLIT key features are: • Flow rates up to 24500 l/h • Pressures up to 4 bar • Power supply up to 4 kW • Max rotation speed 165 rpm • Max dry suction lift 8 mwc






The Verderflex ROLLIT Hygienic is a new family of sanitary dry priming hose pumps. Expanding the Verderflex range of hose pumps hose pumpand available in a standard (single) and twinhead versions. Without a lubricant bath and with low spallation hoses that meet both FDA CFR 21 and EC/1935.  Verderflex ROLLIT Hygienic pumps are ideal for use in biotechnology, beverage production, cosmetics manufacturing, food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. The Verderflex ROLLIT Hygienic key features are: • Flow rates up to 6954 l/h • Pressures up to 2 bar • Power supply up to 3 kW • Max rotation speed 165 rpm • Max dry suction lift 7 mwc





The Dura is a innovative hose pump is highly compact and easy to maintain. Its unique design reduces the footprint by up to 70% compared todura hose pump conventional peristaltic pumps. The Dura range performs exceptionally well with abrasive slurries, dry running liquid feeds, shear sensitive polymers, high viscosity sludge and dosing applications.








The Verderflex range of ‘VF’ industrial peristaltic hose pumps are excellent at handling difficult media such as slurry, sludge, peristaltic hose pumpsuspensions, solid-laden and thickened, viscous fluids. The Verderflex ‘VF’ range is built to handle these fluids with the fluid being contained within a flexible hose. The working principle creates up to 9.5m suction lift, with self-priming capability and can dry run with no damage to the pump. The open hose flow path permits larger solids to be handled with a reversible action should any blockage occur.






The Vantage 3000 range of peristaltic tube pumps is purpose built for dosing, small transfer and dispensing applications in tube pumpspharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and chemical production facilities. The range features 3 key models with options: Manual, analogue and digital controls, IP40 or IP66 casing for harsh environments, brushless motor type for 24 hour use with low noise tube size and flow rates from 0.8ml/min to 1.3l/min.







The Verderflex Vantage 5000 family is the next generation in cased drive tube pumps combining precision dosing andtube pump dispensing accuracy with high discharge pressures, an intuitive touch screen user interface and a USB data backup port. Remotely control signal options include include 0-10V, 4 to 20mA & tachometer inputs & outputs with optional opto isolation and multiple volt free inputs & outputs.







Verder VP Dual pumps range has varied and different models for different applications from water treatment, to drinking water totube pumps swimming pool. Several of the Verderdos and Verderflex units can be mounted on pre- assembled panels, complete of all the needed accessories to be put in place and ready to be turned on. All the panels are wired and IP65 with easy to reach connections and simple sliding brackets to remove the units, if maintenance or replacement is needed. Panels are ideal when the dosing and reading point are close to one another and space is an issue, but also to speed up the set up of the system and save time and money. All base configurations can be customized following customer request.