The Verderflex Vantage 5000 cased tube pump, has been designed at the cutting edge of peristaltic pump technology, offering 33% higher flow then other brands, accurate stepper controlled dosing, a max flow of 4,000 ml/min, and max pressure of 7 bar (100 psi).

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 also has the latest in touch screen technology, clear icon control, storage for 99 dosing programs and more. The remote control will come in many different options, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SCADA, Profi or Modbus, to fit your needs.

With its robust stackable low maintenance design, and spring loaded rotor the Verderflex Vantage 5000 is a great option for many different applications including water treatment, food flavoring, chemical dosing, pharmaceutical, and brewery to name a few.

Vantage 5000