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Deming Demersible pumps Solids Handling Non-Clog pumps are used in industrial wastewater applications and have a 4″ spherical solids handling capability to easily pass the solids encountered in most industrial environments. Deming Demersible flows to over 4,000 GPM and heads

Beer Pump Brochure Whether you need to transfer beer between vessels or recirculate chilled water, PFC Equipment can provide a pump solution. We offer a wide selection of beer pumps, filtration options & chemical feed controllers from a number of

  Grundfos Coming Soon Larger capacity CR Pumps that will fill that void when the application previously required two Grundfos pumps to achieve the required capacity. Stay tuned for further updates about the Exciting Larger CR pumps.   Please follow

If you work in manufacturing, you may already have a peristaltic pump. These devices are commonly used for liquids that are dangerous, like very aggressive chemicals that could eat away at the pump, or fluids that have to stay pure