ANSI PUMPS – ASME B73.1 Standards Chemical/Industrial Process Pumps

ANSI Pumps are a type of single-stage end suction centrifugal pump. This type is designed to the ASME B73.1 standard, and each size of this type of pump has identical envelope dimensions for all manufacturers. These pumps are broken down in size into three main groups. Group I covers pump sizes 1.5×1-6 to 3.0×1.5-8. Group II includes pump sizes from 3×2-8 to 6×4-13. And the largest sizes are covered by Group III which are from 6×4-16 to 10×8-17. This dimensional standard among manufacturers for each size of pump is unique with the ANSI chemical pump, and it allows the users to switch brands without affecting piping location, motor attachment, coupling, or bedplate dimensions. This type comes in a wide range of materials depending on the application. In addition to the chemical industry, the ANSI pump is also used in refineries, paper mills, ethanol production and many other process plant environments.

 Gusher 7071 ansi                                 summit ansi pumps

 Gusher Ansi 7071                        Summit Ansi Pumps 2196

     crane deming pumps                                          fybroc fiberglass pumps

Crane Deming Ansi                         Fybroc Fiberglass Ansi Pumps

          inline pumps                                       stan-cor ansi pump

Deming Ansi Inline Pump                       Stan-Cor ANSI Chemical Pump


        Materials of construction include CD4, 316SS, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Fiberglass as well as PTFE and PFA lined mag-drive pumps (ANSI B73.3)

        Flow ranges to 5,000 GPM

        Total Dynamic Head to 750 ft

        Capable of excepting motors to 250 HP depending on application

        Base mounted and close coupled configurations

        Variety of impeller and sealing options to configure a complete pump package suitable for the most demanding applications

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