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Summit Pumps – 2196 Ansi Pump

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Capacities to 6000 gpm
Heads to 730 feet
Pressures to 375 psi
Temperatures to 700 degrees F
Back pull out design
External impeller adjustment
Maximum interchangeability
Standard bronze Inpro® labyrinth seals
Heavy duty shaft & bearings
Rigid frame foot
Fully open impeller
Extra large oil sump
Optional Features
Finned-tube Oil Cooler: Can be installed in field

Multiple stuffing box cover options available

Summit Pumps – 2196R Ansi Pump

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Utilizes your existing 2196 power end and ANSI bolt pattern.

Handles fibrous and shear sensitive materials
Minimizes degradation of solids
Available in 5 different sizes and a variety of materials

Summit Pumps – 2196LF – High pressure Low Flow

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Radial vane impeller with balance holes
Interchangeability with existing ANSI pumps
Circular non-expanding case
Reduced shaft vibration
Lower NPSHr
Lower seal chamber pressure
Extended MTBF on the pump and mechanical seal
Additive Chemicals
Batch/Continuous Chemical Reactors
Chemical Dryers
Chemical Process
Condensate Service
Petro Chemical Service
Prototype Processes
Shower Service
Seal Water

Summit Pumps – 2175 Stock/Process Pump

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Summit 2175 Brochure


  • Rear pull-out
  • Efficient parts interchangeability
  • Sacrificial wear items
  • Double wall volute on larger sizes


Pulp & Paper:
Cleaners, filtrate, liquor, screen rejects

Cooling water, descaling, slurries, tailings

Beet and cane sugar, cane juices, fruit pulp, wet corn milling

Manure transfer, mine water, waste treatment

Summit Pumps – CC & FM Close Coupled & Frame Mounted Pumps

summit pumps CC & FM

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Summit CC & FM Brochure


Summit CC & FM pumps are horizontal, end suction, centrifugal pumps designed for general service such as water, solvents, light oils, non-corrosive chemicals, coolants and brines. Available in capacities to 2300 GPM and heads to 200 feet, these pumps are an economical and dependable solution for your pumping needs. All flanges are 125lb ANSI B16.1 rating, NPT connections are standard on 6″ and 8″ sizes. A renewable bronze shaft sleeve is standard on cast iron pumps, and a 316SS shaft sleeve is standard on alloy pumps.

Close Coupled Pump – Model CC
The close coupled pump is directly mounted to a NEMA “C” face motor, and designed to use minimal space. Motors with TEFC frames use a standard mechanical seal (JM frame), or packing(JP frame). ODP motors, and stainless steel shafts are optional.

Frame Mounted Pump – Model FM
Frame mounted pumps are constructed with a rigid bearing frame, flexibly coupled, and mounted on a fabricated steel base with optional drip pan. Casings, adaptors, and bearing frames share mating registers for maximum interchangeability. Coupling guards meet ASME B 15.1 specifications.

Interchangeable Parts
Component parts, of similar sizes, are interchangeable between frame mounted and close coupled pumps. This means less spare parts inventory and fast delivery of required parts.

Summit Pumps – Clark III Ansi Pump

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Summit Clark III Brochure


  • Conforms to ASME B73.1M (ANSI)
  • Semi-open reverse vane impeller
  • Capacities to 5,000 GPM
  • Head to 740 feet
  • Pressures to 375 PSI
  • Back pull out design
  • Indexed bearing housing for ease and accurate
  • mpeller adjustment
  • Maximum interchangeability of parts

Optional Features

Multiple rear cover options
Open impeller design available
Finned tube oil cooler

Summit Pumps – DSR/DSN Split Case Pumps

summit pumps split casesummit dsr


  • Capacities to 6,000 GPM
  • Heads to 430 feet
  • Horizontal split case design
  • High efficiency and low NSPHr
  • Closed Impeller

Optional Features

Replaceable wear rings in a variety of materials
Packing or Mechanical Seal

Summit Pumps – SP Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps

summit pumps slurry pumpSUMMIT sp2


  • heavy duty slurry pumps
  • high chrome or rubber removable wear parts
  • corrosion and abrasion resistant design
  • packed box standard